Monday, February 15, 2010

Linky dink dink!

Bonsoir Mes Amis

Hope you are all peachy. As you know, Nobody's Girl is out in the UK now (and sorry, not a whiff of a foreign deal thus far) so I wanted to link to a couple of pieces of press I've done that may interest you.

Five things about France that are tres bon at Chicklish.

A guest blog on writing and loving toxic boys at Wondrous Reads.

(Much thanks to Luisa and Jenny for making this happen.)

I also read your comments about my Nobody's Girl Spotify playlist. Some of you can't get on to or afford Spotify (I had to beg for an invite code myself) so I am furnishing you with the tracklist. Not the actual tracks because uploading and downloading MP3's would result in this blog being wiped off the face off the interpipe. Anyway, here is the tracklisting and I want you to know that there was no way to copy and paste so I've had to diligently copy it out. I do it because I love you.

1. Poupee De Cire Poupee De Son - France Gall
2. La Valse D'Amelie (version Orchestra) - Yann Tiersen
3. Les Histoires d'A - Les Rita Mitsouko
4. Moi De Joue - Stereo Total
5. Madame Superman - Elisabeth
6. Oh Comment Ca Va? - Jane Birkin
7. Comment Te Dire Adieu - Francoise Hardy
8. French Disko - Stereolab
9. Ecoute Le Temps - Brigitte Bardot
10. C'est Bon - Adele
11. Ca Plane Pour Moi - Nouvelle Vague
12. Miss Tatouee - Ici Paris
13. Le Loco-Motion - Sylvie Vartan
14. Mathilde - Jacques brel
15 Je Suis Folle De Tant T'aimer - Arlette Zola
16. Un Homme Et Une Femme - Francis Lai
17. Les Cheveus Dans Les Yeux - Cosette
18. Amoureux D'Une Affiche - Les Cappucino
19. Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien - Edith Piaf

Phew, my typing fingers are totally seizing up now! Also, sorry I didn't put in all the accents and squiggles above and below the letters, but I think you get the general idea.

Thanks for all your comments about Nobody's Girl. I love reading them and I can't tell you how relieved I am that you like the book. (If you didn't like it, then I'm equally relieved that you haven't told me!) If you felt the need to blog, tweet or review it on Amazon or Goodreads or other places, I can't tell you how much this helps in spreading the word and maybe even getting some interest from foreign publishers. You can't see me right now but I doing my sad bunny face, which I'm only supposed to use for the power of good because it's THAT persuasive.

So, that's all about me. And now it's time to make my dinner before the double bill delights of America's Next Top Model and Glee. We all love Glee, right? Right?

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Nobody's Girl officially released in the UK today


Nobody's Girl officially goes on sale in the UK today. Available from all good bookshops and Amazon.

Bea thinks she's the most boring seventeen-year-old in the world. She's not pretty or popular or funny, unlike her mother who had Bea when she was 17. The only glamorous thing about Bea is the French father who left before she was born and lives in Paris.

She yearns for la vie Parisienne every moment of her dull existence. So when Ruby Davies, the leader of her school's most elite clique picks Bea as her new best friend and asks her to go on holiday with them, she's wary but delighted. If nothing else it's two weeks away from her over-protective mother.

But when the gang arrive in Spain, Bea is crushed to realise that Ruby and her posse have simply been using her. Bea wreaks vengeance on her so-called friends, and plans to decamp to Paris to find her father. But when she falls asleep on the train and wakes up in Bilbao, she meets a group of American students who are backpacking around Europe and bonds with them straight away, especially the gorgeous Toph who helps heals Bea's hurting heart.

Though Bea has a shock in store when they finally get to Paris. The 'City of Lovers' really works it magic on Bea and Toph who spend a week wandering the sun-dappled streets of Paris, talking, holding hands and falling in love. When it comes time to go home to confront her Mum about her mysterious father, the new version of Bea is determined that she'll never go back to her old, boring way of life - she's no longer Nobody's Girl; she belongs to herself and to Toph...

But with an ocean between them, will he wait for her?

Once you've read Nobody's Girl, please review it, blog about it, Tweet about it (if you liked it, that is!) it really, really helps.

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Monday, February 01, 2010

Internet goodies for all!

I said, brr, it's cold in here. There must be some Toros in the atmosphere.

Ahem, don't know what came over me then. Anyways, hi! Hello! Greetings! How have you been?

Well, that's enough about you, let's talk about me. Although the official UK release date is February 4th, I think it would be fair to say that Nobody's Girl is out now. You can buy it on Amazon and it seems to be in the shops - even my local, tiny branch of Smiths, which has never, ever stocked one of my teen books before. So, please, go, buy, read, love it like a motherless child.

To celebrate such a momentous occasion, my publishers have made me a little webpage, to replace the webpage that I used to have. You need to go here, then click on the Cool Downloads to find Bea's recipe for chocolate mousse as well as some Guitar Girl and Diary Of A Crush goodies that used to be on my publisher-sponsored webpage, then mysteriously disappeared into the ether. They're PDF files, so I can't link to them. Your mouse fingers will have to do the heavy lifting.

And if you're a member of Spotify, I've made a Nobody's Girl playlist. It's a lot of the songs I listened to when I was writing the book, and a lot of songs that Bea would have listened to and name-checked in the book. Be warned: they are all in en francais! Just click on this link (To join Spotify, you need to find someone to give you an invite code or pay actual money and the site's only open to UK residents, I think.) If you can't access the playlist, but are still interested to know what the tracks are, leave me a comment and I'll post the full playlist.

That's all I can type right now as my fingers are about to seize up due to extreme cold.

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