Thursday, April 29, 2010

Vote Manning, you know it makes sense!


Just a quick post because I am drowning in book edits to let you know that the second Queen Of Teen awards is upon us.

If you're aged between ten and eighteen, you can nominate your favourite author, which is obviously me because you're reading my blog, having read my books, which automatically makes you intelligent, discerning and have I mentioned how especially gorgeous your hair looks today?

The link to nominate your favourite author (if you haven't been paying attention, that would be me) is here.

(Also, I an now going on an internet and technology detox for a week for a feature and so I can get some work done. I won't be Tweeting up a storm like I usually do, but normal service will be resumed in seven days. You can start following me on Twitter in the meantime and then I'll have a lovely surprise and feel huge popular when I do reconnect my DSL cable.)

Right, I'm off to bury my iPhone in a biscuit tin in the back garden.

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Sarra x