Monday, May 30, 2005

Happy Bank Holiday!

Just popping in to wish you all a Happy Bank/Memorial Day (delete where applicable) and commiserations if you didn't get today off.

I'm a very lazy writer so I have spent most of the day playing the time-sucking demon that is Snood ( but I have started the rewrite on Let's Get Lost. I always love having the chance to go back and rip out all those awful sentences I shoved in first time round. Filling up the plotholes. Realising that I've put the phrase "his eyes blazed with fury" in each chapter and trying to come up with something else. I think there should be a re-write option in real life too.

I also went to the supermarket and did some laundry. Being writer is really unglamorous 99% of the time...


Josie said...


Just wondering if you could tell us what Lets get Lost is about. Also ive read all the books i own and im stuck for a new one to read, as im just reading the end of Pretty things and its an amazing book, so do you have any good books to recommend that are in the same style as your own?


SweetSugarRush said...

I can't wait for Lets Get Lost to hit the books shops, will be one of my main purchases.
I have one question though. I write stories, well try to, and i have great plots for them in my head but i can't seem to get them off the ground. Do you have any ideas which could help me get them off the ground and onto my paper?

xx Nicky xx