Thursday, June 16, 2005

Things that make my heart go pitter patter

* First cup of coffee of the day.

* Being in the pool on a sunny day and swimming right under the skylight where the water's sun-dappled.

* Being all clean and post-showered with just-shaved legs and then sliding into a freshly laundered bed and snuggling down with a good book as the rain pelts against the Velux windows.

* Hanging out with good friends and giggling at whatever DVD we're watching before we raid the fridge for Munchies.

* Watching my niece come into the world.

* The smell of freesias first thing in the morning.

* French Disko by Stereolab on my iPod and bouncing down the road, or a long bus journey so I can get in one complete play of If You're Feeling Sinister.

* When I lose weight and my jeans get too big and slip down my hips.

* Good hair days, good eyebrow days, good fashion ensemble days and my signature slash of red lipstick.

* Emails from teenage girls who completely understand.

* Still being able to believe in love.

* Anything with polka dots.

* Walking through Highgate Woods and feeling at one with nature before getting the bus the rest of the way home.

* Aw, dogs sitting in cars with their heads stuck out of the window and their tongues wagging in the breeze.

* Imagining the boy who hasn't given up on finding me.

* The last paragraph of Guitar Girl.

* My rich, inner life...


Nika said...

Hey, if you like dogs with their tongues all lolling out, then I think you'd find this cute: In our school, a family of ducks have settled (the ducklings were TINY a few weeks ago, how adorable) but now they're all grown up! (Aw). But anyway, the really sweet thing is, today we were watching them, and the mum was bathing in this tub and then she swapped the 'bath' with one of her kids A few minutes later she started telling him off, to get out (it looked very much like that) and the duckling splashed her! It was very sweet(naughty, eh?). Later, when we looked, obviously the queue was getting fed up and there were 6 ducklings in the tub all at once. Cute.
Sorry, had to tell someone that! It was really really beautiful.


Laura said...

Hi reading your last entry made me think about the things that make my heart go pitter patter. there were sooo many but a few things were when a song comes on that takes you back to an exact moment,a film that makes you cry everytime you watch it, being at a concert where the people who are on your bedroom wall are just a few feet away and that smile that you cant put into words from a guy. im a real sucker for romance were any of the things that happened in your books things that happened to you (if you dont mind me asking)?

lv Lx