Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A lazy girl writes

Hello Ladies

Sorry for being such a lame slacker and not posting for a while. I've been really busy - not with the book writing but with work stuff. Sadly, I still have to work for living! At the moment I'm doing some freelance shifts at Grazia magazine as well as writing a column for Elle UK and doing my first piece for The Guardian. Then it's a month doing some development work on a new magazine. Luckily I'm taking most of September off so I can have two holidays because I'm greedy. A week in Devon with my Dad who'll let me hog the car CD player and doesn't get angry if I want to read a book instead of talking to him and then nearly a fortnight in New York City where I'll be popping in to see my publishers but also doing lots of shopping and hanging out with some of my best friends. Roll on September.

I'm waiting for page proofs of Let's Get Lost to come back from the copy editor and if I can work out how to do it, I'll give you a sneak preview of the UK cover next time I post. It's by Ray Smith who did the UK cover of Pretty Things, which you should be able to see on this page, and it's so beautiful it makes me want to cry.

Finally, can I just put on my stern hat for a moment? I love getting your emails and I do read them all. I also love getting the comments that you post. But I don't love getting spam emails about software doodads or chain letters or getting added to IM buddy lists. So, please don't send them to me! There, lecture over.

And now I have to go and empty all the pots and pans out of my kitchen cupboard so I can mend the carousel which collapsed last night. My life is decidedly lacking in excitement.


Sarra x


Andrea said...

Ray Smith's work is so absolutely marvelous. Glad to hear he's doing the artwork again!

Anonymous said...

Hey sarra please answerthis, im begging you.. are dylan and edie still together!!!!!!!!!!!

Nika said...

Oh my God, I've read Sarra's replies to that sort of question, anonymous, so many times, I feel like exploding too! Oh dear...