Saturday, August 13, 2005

I love you but I've chosen dorkness...

Haven't been around much, have I? My current freelance work is keeping me busy and I've just a bit of a giddy social whirl of a week as it was my birthday.

I'm still getting too many spam and chain emails from readers who've added my addresses to their address books (not to mention hysterical emails when I call them on it) so I've had to make the unwelcome decision to stop including my email address in my books. This pisses me off quite a lot as I really like hearing from people who've read my stories but I'm slightly drowning under the sheer weight of the spam that I'm also getting as a result and I'm also aware that it takes me a long time to send out redirect emails to this blog because I'm so busy. Instead I'm going to include the address of this blog so I can still have a dialogue with you guys. (Oh and Hodder, my UK publishers have made me a pretty, little microsite: It's a work in progress but there will be more features added soon.

On to happier things. Diary Of A Crush! I think there's a lot of confusion surrounding the different versions of books in the Crush verse. Basically the three white books published by Hodder

Diary Of A Crush: French Kiss
Diary Of A Crush: Kiss And Make Up
Diary Of A Crush: Sealed With A Kiss

are the definitive versions. They contain all the columns from J17, plus the free novels we gave away as well as additional material I wrote to get the books oven ready for publication. These will be published (with different cover artwork) in the States and France next year. There are a few copies lurking about on places like eBay and my bookshelf, which were the free novels given away with J17.

French Kiss (a different cover to the other French Kiss)
Losing It
American Dream

In no version do Edie and Dylan get married. They never will, OK?!

And here is a sneak look at my new book cover, Let's Get Lost out in the UK, in January 2006. I love it! What do you think?


Josie said...

Hiya Sarra,

Happy birthday !! The cover of lets get lost looks absolutly fab and i cant wait 2 read it !!

Loads of love

cara said...

i was just trawling the internet for answers... and now i have them!
i'm so glad you posted the complete & official diary of a crush listings... now i can purchase all the books and ensure ive not missed out on any pages of edie goodness!

as soon as my student load arrives, will be spent on books ive held dear for the past 3 or so years....
so if i fail my art-girl course, your to blame!


cara said...

ohh i have a p.s.

i read somewhere you liked death cab & the postal service? i wondered if you've heard of dntel because its the same sort of group of guys & they're pretty good too!

Rowena said...

Dylan and Edie: were these names chosen because of Bob Dylan and Edie Sedgwick, who had were allegedly involved at one point? Just curious.

becky said...

i loved all your other books and i cant wait to read this one it loks really good!!

luv becky

suzy said...

i have just read 'Let's get lost' and i think it's the best book i've ever read and i've read hundreds of books.
it's a great stroy about a normal teenage girl who's got secrets, like most girls, but has'nt got the one peson she needs and i think it's fab that you dedicated it to your Mum (and which i'm very sorry you lost her).
it only took me 2 and a half days to read because i couldn't put it down. It's absolutly fab and a wicked read.
thank you soooo much for writing.This is the first of your books i've read but i've just gone and brought the rest!
Luv Suzy x x x x x

suzy said...

'Let's get lost' is the best book ever. It's the first book of yours i've read but i've just bought the rest now!
It's a great read i just couldn't put down. The characters are just fab and Isabelle is brill.
She's just like me but i still have a Mum and when reading this, i felt sad for you because you've been through that too.
i stayed up 'till 4 in the mornig just to finish this as it's trly amazing and you should treasusre your writing skills as there fab!!!
Luv ya! Suzy xxxx