Saturday, December 10, 2005

Well, it must be Saturday...

I'm actually remembering to update in a timely, every seven days fashion this week. I could be looking at tiles in a big bathroom shop on the Holloway Road (my shower cubicle is on the verge of imminent collapse) but instead I'm munching toast and staying indoors where it's warm and I can rip some tunes (currently Snow Patrol) on to my iPod. Actually I've just come back from the gym and I have that annoying, post-swim closed up ear thing going on. I know when I least expect it a warm trickle of water will suddenly run out of my ear, which usually feels quite pleasant.

I'm gearing up for the end of the year, in that I'm thinking about all the great songs and books and films I've seen so I can do a great, big list for my last post of 2005. But when I'm not doing that, I'm very hard at work. I've just had the outline for my next book approved and I'm going to start on that this week. I don't want to give too much away but it's going to be a little lighter than Let's Get Lost and I'm going to write it from the boy's POV. Except it's not so much boy meets girl as boy is related to girl and she's driving him to an early grave. There probably won't be as much dry humping in this book as my other ones but I hope that won't put you off.

And now my sofa and the evil crack this is Sudoku is calling to me...


Sarra x


Stacey said...

Oooh..I'm liking the sound of this new book. So much so that im not even sad about the lack of dry humping. It's nice to hear about the boys view on things. You done it great with Charlie and Walker. This new book sounds as fab as the rest and I'm happy that as soon as one is published another one is beginning. More manning for all. Good luck. Thanks for the new comment aswell. :)

Beautiful Disaster said...

Hey, the new book sounds great. I always find it really interesting to see situations from different points of view, and it will be really cool to see how you will get into a guys mind and try to not always think from a girls prespective. Because we always look at things differently, usual with the woman coming up top aha. I can't wait for Let's Get Lost, too. you're writing is so amazing. I have put some of my writing onto my blog, and would really love it if you would take a look and give me your opinion.
Have a nice Christmas and an amazing new year, full of more great books and brilliant blogs.
Emma x.