Thursday, March 16, 2006

Writer sans borders...

Just poking my head round the door before I leave to catch the Eurostar to say hi. LA was a blast and I'll post about that soon but I just wanted to remind les jeunes filles francais that I'll be doing a signing on Saturday morning at the Salon de Livre in Paris, please come and say, "Bonjour!"

And keep those competition entries coming. So far your answers have thrilled and horrified me in equal measure!

Au revoir

Sarra x


I'llnevertell said...

Wooo, first comment! I'm such a loser...can I interview you for a e-zine, Sarra?

Ellie said...

oh well! I tried to enter your competition with the castings!! sorry! I'm a real teen flick kinda gal! I've been rifling through all your novels and couldn't decide which one to do.I'm not very cultured and I think you or one of the other gilrs on blogger would have killed me if I'd put Hilary Duff as the role of Edie. By the way thank you for leaving a comment on my blog!! I was really shocked when my friend Jake told me! I was wondering if i could ask a huge favour? Could you possibly spend a minute or so out of your busy schedule and email me some tips of journalism? I would be so happy! My email is:
I have read all your books and I am amazed how much i love them. I read them over and over again and never get tired of them. The ending to 'Lets Get Lost' made me cry, I had read how significant that book was to you and it made me think alot. Thanks, Ellie xx

PennyLane said...

Hey. i hope you have fun en paris. umm i think u should do a book signing in canada. i promise i'll make sure lots of people come! also when are you going to announce the winner of your contest?? the suspense may kill me. ;) lots of love, Sara XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Ellie said...

Hey Sarra, wish I could make it over to Paris for the book signing! darne it!! ho hum,when will yuor next signing in England be?????????

Michelle said...

Let me just say that you are now one of my favorite authors. I absolutely loved Guitar Girl and Pretty Things (I adore Charlie!) and I cannot wait to read Lets Get Lost and Diary Of A Crush. Your books are amazing. I could relate to them so much and there were moments I would just sit back and think to myself, "Oh, that is SO me!". I heard about the books from a friend and ever since then, I've been raving about them to my other friends. Pretty Things is now my all-time favorite book (and usually, I have a difficult time choosing what I like best) and it's one of those books where even though I couldn't put it down, I never wanted it to end. Plus, I absolutely loved how you used song lyrics at the beginning of every chapter. Your work is simply brilliant and I'd basically love to be whisked away to live in your stories.

PS. I made a blog just so I could comment on here. I also was wondering, I was looking at some old posts of yours and you mentioned the book Virgin Suicides. Is this the book that they made a movie out of called Teen Virgin Suicides? Just curious.


Beth said...

I just wanted to say that I thought 'Let's Get Lost' was an absolutley amazing book. Not many books make me cry, but that one did.
You've been a real inspiration to me and because of 'Guitar Girl' I'm now in a band (and we're about to go into recording I might add) and I spend most of my free time writing. And because of DOAC I now keep a journal, which lets me rant to myself (not always a good thing).
Now the problem I face is which books I should take on holiday with me this year.
And I hope you do a signing in England sometime (although I would be seriously temped to buy a new copy of Guitar Girl because I've read it so much there isn't much of a cover anymore). It would be great to meet you.
Hope you're having a groovy time in France.
Beth xxx

I'llnevertell said...

May I please interview you for an e-zine. It was founded by a journalist who writes for JUICE magazine, and I think you'd be perfect for it. Thanks!

Miss Teen Angst said...

Ok, well, Hi, first of all, I'm new here. I know you're probably sick to the teeth of people showering you with praise, but I just wanted to tell you what a talented writer I think you are. Yours are the sort of books that make tou go "wow" when you've finished reading. And, having finished Let's Get Lost the night before, I managed to write a four page short story in my English exam (Not that it had anything whatsoever to do with Let's Get Lost, but y'know... it inspired me)
Anyhoo, just thought I'd leave you a comment. I have to go now, The OC starts in a minute!!!

Abby said...

If you like BSS, try Reverie Sound Revue - a now defunct Canadian band. The lead singer is now a BSS touring vocalist. I have a couple of mp3s still up on my blog. Also, you'll probably love Tegan and Sara's 'So Jealous' and Stars (the band), yet another BSS spin-off. If you don't know them, try the track 'Look Up'.

(And I'm amazed to find someone else who read the Lorna Hill books! Although thinking about Sebastian, Dylan begins to make a little more sense... You should know that most 21 year old girls I meet will ultimately admit to Dylan imprinting them with a vision of art-boy as the epitome of lust; a fine legacy indeed)

Paint_box_pastel said...

i reckon Golden Touch, by Razorlight, should be Molly's theme tune for Smith because Smith just cant have her!