Saturday, April 22, 2006

Yes, Lloyd, I'm so ready to be heartbroken...

It's gloriously sunny in London Town. All the windows are open, the first application of Nivea Holiday Sun Body Lotion has gone on to my translucent legs and maybe winter is finally over.

Alas, I spend most of my days chained to my temperamental Mac banging out between 1000 to 3500 words a day, depending on how motivated I can be. I'm now over the halfway hump on the first book of my new series and learning lots og fun facts about the fall of Communism in the former Soviet Union. I can say no more!

What I will say is that I recently did an interview with the Young Scotsman, which you can find here and that you all have to go and download this song because it's adorable.

Oh yes, and the new issue of ELLE UK? The one with Paris Hilton on the cover? I actually went to LA to meet Ms Hilton and write that piece, so you might want to check it out.

Now I'm turning off the computer and going to spend the rest of the weekend hanging with my friends who are starting to think that I've fallen off the edge of the world. So, see you next week.

And remember to wear sun block!


Sarra x

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PennyLane said...

hey! i just thought i'd l et you know that 'nina' from your publisher emailed me n i gave her my adress and stuff and she said my prize was in the mail. i'm quite excited for it to make the trek over the atlantic.
i hope your okay after meeting paris hilton. she scares me to be honest but hey, maybe she's different in real life...
have a fabulous weekend and i think sunglasses as well as sun block are necessary. either huge ones or aviators. also have you been watching the oc?? what do you think?? you guys are on season 3 as well right?
well i gotta go. have fun.... ~XOX~ Sara

Stacey said...

I love that song you gave the link to. Wow. Also read the interview and it's inspired me more and to stop being such a baby about writers block. Also to stop neglecting my blog. Good luck with writing and I look forward to it when it comes out. X

Valerie said...

Sarra you are my inspiration and
I am madly in love with Molly Motgomery from Guitar Girl.

Paint_box_pastel said...

GUUUURRRRR, it's sooo annoying. I can't find BSS' You Forgot It In People album and it's GETTING TO ME........Amazon sucks. I ordered, I paid and it STILL han't come...eight months later. GUUURRRRR.

Who_do_you_see said...

Lol i would actually be a snowmn right now if it wasnt 4 holiday skin body lotion!! I swear by it! Thank the johnsons!!! Gonna go out n Buy ELLE in the morning!! xx HUGS xx

PennyLane said...

hey i got a shirt in the mail today. it's black n has the cover design of LGL on the front and says sarra manning let's get lost on the back. it's pretty awesome.