Monday, January 01, 2007

Inaugural 2007 post

Happy New Year!

I crawled out of bed at noon today after a very late night. I had a little party where I stuffed my guests full of an ungodly amount of food. Then we walked up to Ally Pally (the second highest point in London) for midnight and watched all the fireworks across the city as we drank champagne. Then back to my place for more Cava and pomegranate juice cocktails – because I am old enough to drink alcohol! Anyway, I hope that however you celebrated New Year's Eve, you had a good time and that 2007 brings you everything you want from health and happiness too foxy boys and styling frocks.

As promised this is an excerpt from Let's Get Lost that didn't make it into the final version.

And Rob really had been the best of a truly bad bunch. At least he'd hit puberty. We'd drunk these two super-sized bottles of cider quickly enough to qualify for the world record before Rob had dragged me off in the direction of the hut behind the Crown Bowling Green. He'd fancied himself quite the raconteur and regaled me with all these stories about how he could break into a car in five seconds and steal the stereo and the sub woofers, whatever the hell they were, before anyone realised. He was quite the charming conversationalist.

"People are real twats," he'd sniffed. "Most of the time they leave the doors unlocked."

"You don't say."

"Yeah. I've never really talked to a posh bird before."

I arched one of my eyebrows. "And how's it working out for you?"

"Dunno," he'd said, after a minute's thought. "So you gonna let me feel you up then?"

Out of the corner of my eye, I'd caught a flash of pink and I knew Nancy was in the vicinity already to report back. "C'mon, then," I'd sighed. "You can kiss me if you like."

After Rob had thoroughly rinsed my mouth out with his tongue for a good few minutes while I carefully manoeuvred him out of the line of fire, I'd had enough. Then he'd mauled my tits like he was trying to tune in one of those purloined car stereos and I'd had more than I could stand.

I'd gently extricated myself from his octopus-like embrace and firmly removed the paw that was clamped around my left buttock.

"What did you do that for?" Rob had asked, trying to worm his leg between mine while I thrust my head back to evade any more spit.

"Don't get me wrong, this has been real and stuff but I have to go," I'd said very pleasantly given the extreme mauling I'd just suffered. "Maybe I'll see you around."

He'd reached for me again as I'd adroitly side-stepped out of the path of his questing hands. "You're tight, you know that," he'd told me furiously.

"Gosh, thanks awfully for enlightening me." He didn't seem to be getting the message that I'd rather have my skin removed from my body with a rusty potato peeler than kiss him again. He'd kept lurching towards me with his lips puckered and Jesus, those hands… They should have had a government health warning tattooed across the knuckles.

"You know you want to," he'd cajoled, grabbing my wrists and it's so annoying that even the weediest boy can overpower me. But even weedy boys don't have nails as sharp as mine or know how to use them.

He gave a girly squeak when I dug them into the back of his hands and finally let me go. "Sorry about that," I'd chirped. "Did I mention that I was a Mormon?"

And then I turned and ran while he was still scrolling through the empty files where his brain should be to understand what I was saying.


Catharine said...

Hi! Happy New Year. I literally just found your blog today and so I've taken a look through your archives and stuff... I just wanted to tell you that I love your books such an unreal amount that it's actually unbelievable, especially Diary of a Crush, and I can't wait for your new book to come out (the fact that it's the start of a... quadrilogy? is also super-exciting). I guess you must get showered with praise like, every time you post here, but hey, I guess I just wanted to add to that :)
Love Catharine x x x

Charlotte said...

Happy New Year!! Just wanted to say that you are my all time favorite author. I've read everything by you that I could find. I celebrated my New Years by finishing Let's Get Lost in one sitting. Loved it BTW.
xoxo Charlotte xoxo

Tess said...

A fantastic way to start 07!



kendallxxx said...

Hi there, jsut want to say, oh my goodness i love the books "diary of a crush" and i was woundering if you there was gonig to be a 4th? Because there jsut o good i want to know what else will go on with Edie and Dylan and their friends. Thank you so much for these amazing books, please be more. Hehe
Love your true fan
Kendall xxx
P.S. Please send me an e-mail at to tell me the news.!<3

-Cynthia said...

Hello there,
I really agree with the others. I just recently finished reading all 3 books of diary of a crush and they're soo good! i love them!! I also hope your thinking of doing a 4th one because im dying to find out what'll happen with Dylan and Edie and everything else. I read all your books and I must say, they're completely amazing. Your a really good author.I can't wait 'til your new book comes out!
Love -Cynthia- <3 xxxx

P.S. If the bands you mentioned in your books are the bands you like, then i have to tell you, you have awsome taste in music :) :)

Madisonxxx said...

If there is going to be anoth Diary of a Crush book I think it should be a spin off and have Grace writing the diary instead of Edie. That way we get to still hear a little bit about whats going on in Edies life but we get new characters and stuff.
Happy New Year!
xxx Madison

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Happy New Year (if slightly belated), and thanks sooooo much for that snippet of the story. I love outtakes.

Will you ever get Grace's story put into book form like the first three Diary of a Crush books? I never got to read it in the magazine and now that it's closed people like me won't get the chance to. I understand the idea of not continuing Edie and Dylan's story but it isn't our fault if we're that fond of the girls you create.

Frankie said...

Hello. Erm....
I Never Go On My Blog To Be Honest, But.. I Found Your Blog Site On One Of The Book Sites I Was Looking At. Anyway. Im Just Leaving A Comment To Beg You To Please Please Please Please Write A 4th Book To The "Diary Of A Crush" Series. Pleeeeease :] My Friend And I Love Your Books, Very Much, And Are Dyyyiiiing To Know What Happens With Edie And Dylan. Oh.. And Also.. Just Thought Id Tell You. Almost Every Day When I Walk To School, I Pass This Guy Who Issss Dyyylllaan. And He Is Very, Very, Very Scrummy Hehe.. Seriously.. Hes At College, Looks Really Arty, Fits The Description, Everything. Bet You Wanted To Know That Hehe..
Erm.. If You Can, Please Get Back To Me On Any New Books Coming Up ^_^ Thank You. And Consider Writing A 4th Book? Yes? Please?
Right. Ill Stop Begging Now.

Frankie x

nicole said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR gosh you know i just lost what i already had typed cause i wasnt loged in! so i have to re type everything (i type slow)iv read diary of a crush the 1st and just finished the second today i cant wait to read the third but im also dreading it cause thats the end of there story iv bonded with the caracters! im so in love with dylan! you are one of my fav others! im very excited for your new book!okay well i'll stop boring you now and go explore your site somemore cause i just found out about it today! 1/7/07

nicole said...

im with frankie please!...PLEASE make a 4th...5th...just keep the "diary of a crush" books comin!

babylove said...

hey! great book! i just finished let's get lost after my mate read it and gave it to me. loooove it!

anyway, she is obsessed, repeat OBSESSED with mcfly (i know) and she was more than a little excited to see them mentioned (though i told her in a bad way) in your book. HOWEVER, she claims they were mentioned twice in your book, i say once. can you put this row to rest please? i've been searching the book.

Tess said...

I love the new look!
why did you decide to change it?]
it looks great!
i check back here almost every day to see if theres a new post! haha
sending as much love as i can fit into this comment,
from tess

Amy-Kate said...

Hi again. Thanks for the comment.

Ohohoh! I loved this book!!
Thank you so much for writing this.

I just wanted to say Happy New Year, even if I'm quite a bit LATE. But I'm always late. Being late is one of my bad habits. Haha.
I hope you have a great year.

And keep on writing!

Sincerly; a huge fan,

babylove said...

i thought the drinking age in the UK was 18, so why at the beginning of 'let's get lost' does Isabel talk about having to send Nancy in because she looks 21?