Friday, March 30, 2007

Why it's great to be a girl...

After the Avril-gate that erupted after the last post, I got called a lesbo, a feminazi and a retard, among other things. None of which persauded me to see the error of my Avril-disapproving ways. And FYI, words are never meaningless especially in a pop song, which is why I can be moved to tears when I listen to a 3 minute slice of pop perfection.

But what really disheartened and disappointed me was that my post was about standing up for other girls and why we shouldn't hate on them. And instead I get hated on in the most ungirlfriendly terms. I realised the unpleasant truth that our biggest enemies can be other girls when we should all be sticking up for each other, and agreeing to disagree about corporate puppets co-opting our culture so they can shift more units.

So to get the nasty taste out of my mouth, I compiled a list of all the things I think are great about being a girl, from the serious to the frivolous. You can add your own in the comments. It's fun. And I'm so over the whole Avril thing - this week I'm mostly incensed about carbon emissions, so offload your hate somewhere else, because I have a delete option and I know how to use it.


Because we’re made of sugar and spice and all things nice.

Because we can talk for hours about nothing at all or debate environmental issues if we feel like it.

Because nail varnish looks better on us.

Because we get to benefit from being the daughters and grand-daughters of feminists.

Because we always have the last word.

Because pink is a viable colour choice.

Because no-one can ever say to us, “Stop acting like a girl.”

Because it’s physically impossible for us to ignore a ringing phone.

Because we’re statistically smarter (as well as just about every other kind of smarter) than boys

Because we can scream very loud, very frequently.

Because we can have babies if we really want to. But only if we want to.

Because we can wear vintage dresses.

Because we number such illustrious personages as Dorothy Parker, Elizabeth 1, Beth Ditto and Marie Curie among out ranks.

Because we get to have the most amazing girls as our friends.

Because we experiment with eye shadows not drugs.

Because we live in an age where there is Marc Jacobs and Primark.

Because if all else fails, we can always accessorise with a smile.

Because we have fantastic role models all around us from Lisa Simpson to Hillary Clinton.

Because we know that 99% of all pop songs are written about us.

Because together we're strong.

Because the only reason that boys don't think we're funny is because our sense of humour is way more sophisticated than fart jokes.

Because we know the cathartic benefits of a good weep and a bucketload of chocolate.

Because no one and nothing can stop us from being who we want to be.

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