Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weeps softly


I am still alive. Just. Though it's been so long without sunshine in Blighty that I feel like taking to my bed and staying there for a while.

And then I read this on the interpipes. I'm definitely taking to my bed now, possibly with an eau de cologne-soaked handkerchief draped decoratively over my forehead.

Really not much to report except I'm well under way with my new teen opus.Like, 10,000 words in and rather taken with my heroine. I don't have a title as yet but I want it to be lovely and evocative and magical. Not much to ask from a title really.

Oh yes, and you can still vote for me in the Queen Of Teen thingy. Or else you could all wait until Lauren Conrad has her first novel out and vote for her instead. See if I care!

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