Thursday, May 14, 2009

Unsticky out today in paperback!


Finally, the day is come when the paperback of Unsticky goes on sale in the UK! Hurrah! It is my first grown-up book and not wholly suitable for under sixteens but YMMV.

And I've just finished and delivered my next teen book, Nobody's Girl, so that will be out in February 2010.

Now, run, don't walk... in fact, don't even run but sprint full pelt to your nearest bookshop and buy a copy of Unsticky.

Live on

Sarra x


Kate said...

Hey Sarra half way through unsticky and loving it! I am a Marc Jacobs junkie and think i would do anything for the promise of more! LOL Great read so far i hope you continue writing for a more adult audience!

Cede said...

Hi there,, Well o m i have just read Unsticky and i have to say it has to be thebest read i have EVER come across, but please say you are already writting Unsticky #2? because i need to know what venue they get married in, whether they actually do and does vaugh change and go all love'y' and does grace wear an amazing vivienne westwood dress or a one off pair of christian louboutin. I love grace and i strangly loved Vaugh! i really recommend this o anyone for reading AMAZING!!