Friday, November 19, 2010

That's so Adorkable...


I'm just going to jump into the great big news I have.

I have a new publisher for my YA (teen) fic, who are the lovely people at Atom Books, the UK publishers for the Twilight series, among many other things. This doesn't mean I'm going to start writing about vampires. What I am going to write is a novel called Adorkable. It won't be out until Spring 2012 though. Yup, that's right, 2012, people, so don't be rushing off to pre-order just yet! But you can follow Jeane, the heroine of Adorkable, on Twitter here

I am absolutely thrilled about this new chapter in my YA career and can't wait to put my teenage head on again and start writing about uppity girls, vintage dresses, Roller Derby, cupcakes and boys who need to buy a one-way ticket to board the clue train.

You can read the official statement from my new publishers here.

Right now though, I need to take OFF my teenage head and go back to writing my third grown-up novel, which is due in a very frighteningly short amount of time.

My second grown-up book, You Don't Have To Say You Love Me, is out on February 3rd. I'd love to show you the cover art, but which cover art do I show you, hmmm? Cryptic, much! All will be revealed in the next few weeks.

And I will be running my annual Chrismukkah competition soon too. So, I know I'm a lazy blogger, but keep checking back. Or else you could just follow me on Twitter.


ljbrown5 said...

Loving the twitter from the heroine! Ingenious idea! Much Love, Louise x

hiven said...

Oh Sarra Manning i love you a lot. xx

Bev said...

Hello, I love you. Have you on Twitter, but not enough characters! Been reading since the Guitar Girl days when I was a little Avril Lavigne lover and am now diving into the grown-up stuff! Thank you for being great. xxx

Stephy said...

You hooked me with the Diary of a Crush novels when I was just 10. Now 17 I've read almost everything else you've written. I can't wait for Adorkable... it sounds adorable! =]

Bee said...

Damn Sarra. You know how to keep us waiting, I think I am more excited for the next book in Feb than christmas at this rate!! xx