Saturday, June 24, 2006

Podcasts, sequels and sea-salt scrubs

There is no better feeling in the world that coming home from the gym on a hot day, all sweaty and rank, and jumping in a shower. I'm exfoliated, moisturised, fake-tanned and letting my hair dry in the breeze from the open windows. I love being a girl!

So, the first important thing I have to tell you is that my first podcast is now online. I can't bear to listen to it all the way through as my voice sounds urgh! Though my father assures me that it doesn't sound like me at all, but that could be because I'm not saying, "I was all, like, whatever", every five seconds. What I never realised though is that I start every sentence with the word, "So…".

I'll also share a couple of funny things about the extracts that I'm reading from. The Diary Of Crush extract was going swimmingly until I suddenly found myself reading out loud a whole kissing with tongues passage that was beyond embarrassing. And as I started the second extract from Let's Get Lost, I saw the word "bastard" in the middle of a paragraph. I knew that I couldn't say it out loud and offend delicate ears (I've had vitriolic emails about the foul language in my official bounce back email just for the word "pissed.") I carried on reading but all I was aware of was the b-word getting nearer and nearer. Luckily at the last moment I managed to find a substitute word!

The podcast is here if you want to give it a listen!

The second important thing is that Diary Of A Crush is out in the States now and I'd love to say a big hello to new friends and readers who are here for the first time. I'm slightly overwhelmed by the amount of emails and messages I'm getting. I'm so pleased that Edie and Dylan are finding new fans and that the books are just British enough for you guys!

The thorny topic of a fourth DOAC book is the main question I'm getting. There isn't going to be one, I'm afraid. I've explained why, as best as I can, in a previous post, which you can read here:

Diary Of A Crush I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life

But I'd also like to say that all my books have slightly messy, ambiguous endings. I like it that way. That's how life goes; nothing is ever wrapped up and tied with a pretty bow.

I doubt I would ever write a big, never-ending series of books as I'm just not wired that way. Even at the moment as I'm writing a sequential series of four books, each volume works as a standalone novel. I have so many stories inside me that I want to write and that I want you to read so I'm always looking forward, rather than going backwards to stories and characters that have already had their say.

Finally, I'm hearing rumblings that the third and final book in the DOAC trilogy, Sealed With A Kiss isn't being stocked by Barnes & Noble. If you're having trouble getting hold of a copy, could you let me know and I'll pass the info on to the relevant peeps?

Right, I'm off now. I have a barbecue to get pretty for. There probably won't be an update next Saturday as I'll be away on a hen weekend in the Cotswold. I will just leave you with a beauty tip. Always exfoliate by putting your scrub/exfoliator on DRY skin. Yes, I know the instructions say that you should put it on wet skin and yes, I know it hurts a little, but trust me – your skin will be silky smooth and besides, beauty costs…


Sarra x

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Paint_box_pastel said...

Very nice.

siobhan said...

i'm sorry but i have to start this comment like everyone else- i really do love your book and you are my favourite author!! just listened to the podcast- the perks of being a wallflower? i love that book! none of my friends have a clue what the book is so i'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks it is great! can't wait for the new books :] xx

siobhan said...

ive just realised i only typed book and not books. i feel like an idiot!

C.K. said...

The podcast is terrific! I'm another huge fan of Perks and having recently finished Let's Get Lost I just have to rave about the amazing things you accomplished with that book. I had great expectations and it totally exceeded them. I hope it sells well for you - it definitely deserves too!

Kels said...

I love all of your books. and i've read all the ones that i can get my hands on here in America. But i'm confused because i was looking for your new book Let's Get Lost at Borders and the computer said that it wasn't published yet. so i was wondering if it should be out yet or not?
So don't think i'm crazy, but i'm not sure if i'm sending this to you a second time or if it diddn't work the frist. so here goes nothing.

C.K. said...

Kels, Let's Get Lost is due out in the States in October. You can always order it from the U.K. if you totally can't wait.

Kels said...

thanks a bunch c.k.!

MrsSethCohenKT said...

Hey-omg im posting a comment on Sarra Manning's blog this is sooo kl!! hey so i always wondered isnt it weird to hear ppl call u Sarra Manning loads? cos normally everyones only knwn on first name basis-yeh ive always wanted to ask someone famous that question!!

Sarra ur such an inspiration- Guitar Girl is a book that will stick with me for the rest of my life, its everything a girl needs in a book! You have to have to have to have to do a sequel it wuld be the awesomest thing in the whole world- bcos id love to read about what Mollys getting up too and i really want Dean and her to get back together-they were so cute!! Speaking of, i actually screamed whilst i was reading Let's get Lost and Molly was in it- i mean i think it ws soo kl just to "hear" from her again and nt many authors do that and u did, and its was like yay! she's still alive! I related to Let's get Lost in soo many ways- i couldn't actually believe some of the stuff u put in there the expressions reminded me so much of what i wud say, like Molly having a Mrs Seth Cohen T-shirt- I have that T-shirt and i culdnt believe she had it too!! I could tell frm reading the book that u loved The OC from the many reference (whatevs- my fave) and it was soo current with the bands e.g. Death Cab for cutie and Belle and Sebastian- not many authors do that.

K so i no ur probs wayyy to busy to do this (hopefully cos ur writing a follow up to Guitar Girl!!), but check out my blog if u can cos i haven't got ne comments n there- i just made it so its pretty plain atm and it wud b narley if u posted my first comment!

To finish I love ur books and ur job ( being author and editor (some kind of) for loads of magzines, lucky!!) maybe i'll hear from u soon??

ladyjulianne said...

I'll have to try that beauty tip sometime :) I wrote a glowing review of Diary of a Crush on but it hasn't been published yet and that annoys me slightly. I wonder if it'll show up on too? Anyway I listened to the podcast the other day whilst I was getting dressed and I think it was pretty good.

kassie said...

hey love ur books diary of a crush couldnt put them down once i started reading them!please can bring out another 1.pleaseeeeee~!!!!