Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Lost in music

Salutations, my sweets!

I guess that some of you may be reading this blog for the first time, having found the address in the back of my new book, Let's get Lost. In which case, I say welcome! I try to update my blog weekly-ish with news, views and lots of ungodly whining.

And really, that's the main theme at the moment. Let's Get Lost goes on sale in North America (which includes Canada, yes?) tomorrow. And you should all go and buy it because it will change your lives in a myriad of amazing ways. Blah blah blah. Being British, I find the hard-sell a bit unseemly, so instead I will direct you to a little added value post I wrote for my Amazon plog, where I shared the playlist I listened to while I was writing the book. This is something I always try to do as a mood-shifter, a source of inspiration and a way of getting inside my character's head. I'm not saying that Isabel would know or even like all of these songs, but some of them are just so her. And certainly, she knows, loves and constantly listens to Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl by Broken Social Scene.

So, without further ado,

Broken Social Scene - Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl

Rilo Kiley - Portions For Foxes

Belle And Sebastian - Expectations

Ladytron - Seventeen

Blondie - Rip Her To Shreds

Camera Obscura - Suspended From Class

The Shins - Caring Is Creepy

Black Box Recorder - Rock 'n' Roll Suicide

Bright Eyes - Travellin' Song

Tindersticks - Tiny Tears

Thelma Houston - Crazy, Mixed-Up Girl

(Most of these fine recordings are available on iTunes and they're well worth checking out.)

You may want to actually follow this link to the Amazon plog because I did a nifty little website link for each artiste, because it was one click html coding. If I tried to do that here, my brain would explode.

In other news, I've just finished the first draft of the second book in my new series. The final draft of the first book is still in its padded envelope staring balefully at me, while I try to ignore it. Have I really talked about drafts? Would you like me to? What else would you like to know?

Finally, I'd like to say a big, shiny thank you to all the people who left comments in the lost post at blogspot – that's ,Caitlin, devann-dianna, madisonxxx, Caitlin (again?!) sarab3, Victoria, fairuh, lucy, and sinead – I'm really glad that the books meant so much to you.

OK, I need to go to the post office and drink more coffee.

Live on

Sarra x
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Jeneefar said...

Oh my, Sarra! I just found your blogspot and yay =) I sent you a letter on your yahoo account and I really hope you got it because I don't have a spare. =( Answer me soon and make a happy little girl. (: Loves, Jen xx

Laura Oliver said...

I say Miss Manning
I have never been more affected by a book in my entire life
It was so beautiful
And Isabel is the most believable charcater ever and I totally relate to her.
I've read Guitar Girl and I thought that was excellent, I've always wondered what it would be like to be in a girl band as i play the bass and acoustic guitar myself
So to finish thank you for being the most amazing author =]
Love Laura

Aleesun said...

I heart and circle and whatever-your-favorite-shape-is-- mine's a circle-- you for oh so many reasons, but the one on my mind currently is your wicked awesome taste in music. You have no idea what kind of crazy dance moves I manipulate my body into doing while listening to some of these fantastic songs. Kudos for you. (You don't know how loud I was screaming when I read "Portions for Foxes" on the list when I was listening to "Portions for Foxes.") Now you have good day. :D

illuusio said...

Dear Sarra Manning,
I'm a french teen who loves your books!!!
When I read the three tomes of "Diary of a crush", I thought they were so amazing, that I read "Let's get lost" in english!!!!! I hope it will be translated it french, because I would like to read it also in french.
"Let's get lost" is one of the best and most touching books I've ever read.
I would like to read "Pretty things" too, but I think it would be too hard (my english isn't good enough)
Thank you for writing so wonderful books!!!

emma_Pemma said...

hey sarra,

Just found your blog today and I'm most deff a huge fan.

Diary of a Crush is my favourite series ever because it's so close to home. My best friend was a guy and things changed, from platonic to not so much, over the summer. We went to a couple of festivals together with our friends and started to date. For a number of reasons, things really, really did not work out. We were even going to take a gap year and go travelling (though across Aus, NZ and Asia) but that's so not happening now. We work together to so it's majorly awkward and things have turned rather nasty.

ANYWAY! Just wanted to say that a couple of weeks ago I picked up DofAC again and started to read it. I'm pretty sure that my romance wont end in the same happy way that Edie's did - well as sure as I am that grass is green (so rather) but I just wanted to say that they most deff gave me hope for the future, as I could so relate to Edie.

I think your a fantastic writer so best of luck for the future.

Emma xoxo

tenthousandwhispers said...

Yes, I have, like everyone else, come to shower you with praise.
It is not very often a book makes me go "wow", let alone "I wish I had written that!".
So I'd like to thank you for that.

An amazingly talented writer and fantastic taste in music, you just keep getting better, don't you?

Best of luck with the new books!!

rivaa said...

Hey Sarra,

I live in Hong Kong and so we don't get your books as fast, but nevertheless, I still have read all the DOAC series, Guitar Girl, Pretty Things and Let's Get Lost and they are all bloody amazing.

Your books have pretty much changed my life. I think out of everything, Lets Get Lost is my favourite because apart from being oh-so-awesomely-written, I can relate to Isabel- someone really close to me recently passed away and reading Let's Get Lost kind of scared me because Isabel seemed so much like me. And it made me cry! Books rarely make me cry, and the only books that have are Guitar Girl, Lets Get Lost and Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

Thank you SO much for giving me something to read, not only that, I love how in your books nothing has a happy ending because thats just how life is. Your books gave me so much inspiration to start writing, and now, my school has featured some of my stories as examples for senior students- and I'm in year eleven!

Thank you again, and just letting you know that you have TONS of fans in Hong Kong. My friend is so infatuated with the character Charlie in Pretty Things that she keeps calling her boyfriend Charlie!

Much love, Capri kisses, sparkly guitars and black ribbons,

Riva x

Reva said...

First I wanna say Lets Get Lost makes me cry at the end every time I read it.
Secondly, I don't know who you based Dylan on, but I know someone just like him! And I have lots of agreement on that. He's got chocolate brown hair and he's all cheekbones and he could sulk for england! It's so odd, it's like you're describing him.
Thirdly, bring your books out quick! They rock and I've got all your ones so far!
Oh and something else (yes, more praise!) I love the way you link your books, and characters from different books have impact on the others lives.
Much admiration,
Reva xxx

Madisonxxx said...

Sarra, I have found an album that would go great with "Lets Get Lost". It's Snow Patrol's "Eyes Open". I hope you listen to it and like it.