Saturday, October 07, 2006

Give me the ability to rage correctly...

Sunny afternoon greetings, gentle readers

But though the sun is shining (which makes a change round London town), I have dark clouds in my heart. Nothing too serious though I am incandescent with rage at the curtains and blinds department of John Lewis in Brent Cross Shopping Centre. I had to leave a very angry message on someone's answerphone, which did contain the phrase, "It beggars belief, quite frankly." When I'm incandescent with rage, I turn into Joyce Grenfell who none of you will know because you're too young and/or not British.

My other journey into angst is because the last four chapters of my current book (nope, still can't reveal any details, but I'm on the second one in a four volume sequence) have been scrapped. I got back from Florence, read them and realised that I was quite possibly insane. Joking aside, I think it's worth mentioning the Holy Grail that is the chapter by chapter outline. I plan one out in laborious detail before I write a book, which isn't to say that I never deviate along the way. But this is the ninth or tenth book I've written and I still get over-excited about some minor story arc, forget my plot outline, beaver away, and then have to junk the lot because it's doing nothing to further the plot. If you trawl back through the archives on you will find even more words of wisdom on plot outlines.

Let's Get Lost is coming out in hardback in the US and Canada on 19th October. Remember that date, put it in your Blackberries and then take the necessary action on that day. As ever, I can't wait to hear what you think of it. And if no tears are shed while reading it, then I've failed miserably!

And one last thing, a little book rec. I'm reading But Enough About Me by Jancee Dunn, a memoir froma writer who used to work for Rolling Stone. As well as being funny as anything, she has lots and lots of tips on interviewing celebrities. I know a lot of you aspire to becoming journalists and this book is well worth a read. Not many of us will ever get to interview Brad Pitt or Madonna, but there's lots of good advice to take away from the book. My own journalistic career is ticking along and if you buy the current issue of British Elle (with Jordan on the cover), you can read two pieces of mine. One is about learning to knit and the other is about bunny rabbits. Yup, you read that right! I got paid to write about bunnies - it's either one of the best or worst things I've ever written, depending on your politics.

So, that's all that's going on in my world. Be happy, be safe and do not order any blinds from John Lewis in Brent Cross...


Sarra x

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Sinead said...

I'll take your advice and not go for the blinds from John Lewis then...

I'm actually surprised to find out that you're not a teenager. Normally when I read a book about teenagers, the teenagers are so far from reality it's like they're a whole new breed of human... but a lot of your characters relate to most of my friends. Well done... and I love your books!

lucy said...

Dear Sarra I just wanted to thank you for Inspiring me to look at my life in a different way. I fell in love with the book guitar girl, i just could not put it down. I feel like if Molly can stand up for who she is and how she didn't let anyone get in her way when she finally realised what she truly believed in, Then so can I.
I know you probably get e-mail's like this all the time but i just wanted to say thank you for touching my heart with your book and i hope others will feel the same if they read your book.
From Lucy Thorn

fairuh said...

I'm from the US [Texas] and just wanted to let you know that I've just finished the DOAC series :]
I love how I can relate to the way you write. I've read Pretty Things and Guitar Girl before and loved, loved, loved them. You are hands down my favorite author, and I can't WAIT to read "Let's Get Lost." :]]
You've inspiried a lot of my own novels. So I'm just saying thanks, and keep writing!


-Victoria' said...

Hello, i came across your blog, only moments ago, from the amazon site. Glad i found it though, i've been a huge fan of your books ever since i got my hands on Guitar Girl. Fantastic job, and you can be sure that i'll be getting every single book you write. lastly, i seriously LOVE how you constantly create bad boys like Dean and Walker and Dylan for teenage girls to love and hate. Its Dylan for me at the moment, and i only just started on the DOAC trilogy!

sarab3 said...

To: Sarra
I first chose your book because I had never heard of your books before and seeing as my name is Sara I kind of thought "how good is this author" because I totally love books and I totally love writing storys. So I though how good is this Sarra??!!. I have just read 'lets get lost' I love the book. You put such good detail in and you really put your expressions in. I totally love it. It kinda reminds me of how my dad is. lol
I rate your book 100% excellent. 100/100!!!
It's a great book!:
From: Sara

caitlin said...

ok...I'll stick with the martha stewart fine living collection, i hear that her stuff is tres bien!
O.K then well, i am currently sitting in the library with a copy of your AWESOME book "sealed with a kiss" from the "Diary of a Crush" series, andi wanted to tell you that i've also fallen in love with dyllan(he's so deep-in a cool artboy kind of way)too...yup, just thought i'd tell you.
thank you for making my dreams come true with your books,

Madisonxxx said...

I can not wait to read your new book. You are an amazing journalist and every book you've wrote has been amazing. I'm from the US (Florida) and have read every single one of your books. My favorites are the DOAC ones. And what a cowinkidink I fell in love with a boy named Dylan who's from London last year. My life isn't half as intresting as Edie's but her diary has inspired me to keep one myself. Anxious to read your book and know it will be great.

Madison xxx

madison_xxx said...

I love every single one of your books and you are by far my favorite author. I'm from the States (Florida). My favorite books of yours are the DOAC ones. What a cowinkidink that I fell in love with a gut named Dylan who is in fact from London last year. My life is nothing compared to Edie's but she has inspired me to keep a diary. I can't wait to read your new book and know it will be amazing like all the others.
Madison xxx

Devann-Dianna said...

Hi Sarra!
I have to say, I just finished reading "Pretty Things" (Which I immeditaly bought from the bookstore on Sunday when I saw your name on the cover) and it was AMAZING!

I loved how real the characters were-- especially Charlie! He is the British clone of my best friend Steven! It made me realize how much I miss Steven since he moved to college and I just finished talking to him on AIM!

Thank you so much!

I can also relate to Brie extremely. Not on the Manic-Lip-Gloss and Trends thing, but on the innner level. As in, having a newly found pasion for acting and being so insecure about yourself you start putting yourself down.

At the end of the book, when Brie started to realize how to empower herself and that she can make it on her own-- I realized I can, too!

I used to want to be a writer-- I still plan on it after my acting career slows down (Only it'll be more TV Shows that arn't crap and hopefully books as good as yours!) and you've deffinatly inspired me!

Thanks a load!

nicole said...

thanx for all the help well everything i wanted to say has already been said (shows i couldnt make it as a wrighter i seriously lake creativity) and i have to get off line but thanx