Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I'm alive! Alive, I tell you!

Oh, people

I'm so elusive these days, I know. Apart from a delightful trip to Florence to try on clothes in Zara, rather than looking at paintings of naked cherubim, and eating yummy fruit the size of my head, I haven't been up to much. But alas, my interpipe connection is extremely poorly, nay in a critical condition, and swapping to a new ISP is going to take about a month.

In the meantime a huge backlog of emails and messages are building up and it's all very vexing. But some not so good news, I've just found out that my new new book, the first volume in a four part series, won't be out in the UK until July 2007. Ignore what it says on UK Amazon. Let's Get Lost is still out in the US and Canada at the end of this October and you can pre-order it on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.

One last thing before I'm cruelly cut off. Katie on MySpace I did get your message but then it disappeared and I completely agree with you about the DOAC thing but don't tell anyone that I did. And also, MySpace peeps, if you send me a message I can't reply to it or add you to my friends list if your MySpace is set up so you don't accept messages or adds from people who aren't your friends. Just so you know!

And yes, I did enjoy Little Miss Sunshine (didn't love it, but I'm all about the beauty pageants!)

Live on

Sarra x

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sophie-ed said...

i enjoyed your books very much , especailly let's get lost. I thought the book was so inspiring for young adults like myself. It was really real and thats probably why i cryed so much :-s!! but thank you so much for writing it because it made life a lot clearer and it showed me what love is really meant be.