Saturday, September 09, 2006

It'll change your life, I swear

Hello, gentle readers

My interpipe connection is wigging out in a quite spectacular fashion, while my broadband is upgraded. It's a cause of much vexation. So I'm going to post this in one of the rare seconds when I am actually online.

It's actually probably quite good that I can't while away many hours on the internet as I'm going to Florence for a little holiday the week after next and have made myself a solemn vow that I will have the first draft of the second book in the series (that I still can't tell you anything about) finished. By the way, does anyone know how to say, "I have a severe allergy to mustard" in Italian?

In the meantime, the current issue of British ELLE has an interview I did with Drew Barrymore and another interview of mine with Jonathan Rhys Meyer, if you're desperate for a Manning fix!

So, I haven't done this for a while but I thought I'd share a few of my favourite current things.

I'm listening to…

The Kids At The Club a superb indie pop compilation that you should all go out and buy. Right the hell now. I particularly love Lucky Soul, Suburban Kids With Biblical Names and Irene and I'm sure you will too!

I'm watching…

Bones which is a slightly icky series about a forensic anthropologist who does revolting things with decomposed remains to find out how they died. It stars David Boreanaz who I never fancied in the slightest in all my years watching Buffy and Angel but I will admit to the teensiest crush on him in this show. A word of warning: not to be watched while you're eating dinner.

I'm reading…

Fabulous Nobodies by Lee Tulloch – actually I'm re-reading it for the gazillionth time. I read this book years ago about a girl who has a closet full of fabulous vintage frocks who talk to her. She works as a door whore in New York, has a gay best friend and a crush on a suave man who also dresses beautifully. OK, it's not War And Peace but it's a really special book that languished in obscurity but has now been reissued. British girls, you'll have to order it from Amazon because it's only been re-issued in the States. (I love it so much that for years I'd buy up copies on eBay to give to my friends!

And that's the current state of me.

As ever, the disclaimer that I'm now adding to tbe bottom of every post: No more Diary Of A Crush books, like, ever!

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Cass said...

Ho un'allergia severa a senape

have fun in italy.

<3 cassie

girl said...

I have a habit of writing quotes on the sides of my hi-tops. As of about two hours ago I have three pairs. Red, black and pale pink. Red = Shakespeare, Black = Joss Whedon (lines from the buffy ep Restless) and whats Pink gonna be? I can think of nothing better but my favourite Edieisms. Thanx for making my shoes better. :D

Anonymous said...

Just wondering how you interview Jonathan Rhys Meyer without getting all goggle-eyed. It seems like that would be tough.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

I once found a real live paperback copy of Fabulous Nobodies in a secondhand bookstore in Bangalore (where I live). I think, given what I read here, I'll buy it the next time around.