Saturday, September 02, 2006

No sir, I don't feel like dancing

Greetings girliea

Ah, the sun is but a dim and distant memory; it's grey and cold and all the delicious new autumn fashions are in the shops. Hurrah!

Because I spend most of my time in front of dark!Wes, my computer, I tend to live in jeans and a collection of faded logo retro tees but I'm coveting and even buying some fabulous frocks at the moment. And slouchy boy trousers. And I'm still loving polka dots and always will. In other style news, I have decided to stop straightening my hair after many years and I'm learning to love my curls.

On the writing front, I'm two thirds of the way through the first draft of the second book in my new series. It's still known as Untitled Sarra Manning series but I hope to be able to give you all the juicy details in a few weeks. I'm also doing a lot of freelance writing at the moment, mainly because I had a humungous tax bill come through and I want to go to New York in October and do some serious damage in the Marc by Marc Jacobs shop on Bleecker Street. Alas, his beautiful main range is too rich for my tastes.

I'm getting a lot of email requests for biographical information for school projects. Everything you need to know, or that I'm happy for you to know(!), is out there on the interpipe. Just type "sarra manning" (don't forget the speech marks) into a google search and you should find everything you could ever want to know. Except my age, my weight and my secret fears. A girl has to retain some mystery!

Also, I am obsessed with the new Scissor Sister single. But I always feel like dancing – especially when no-one else is watching…

As ever, the disclaimer that I'm now adding to tbe bottom of every post: No more Diary Of A Crush books, like, ever!

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MrsSethCohenKT said...

I no love it when it a new season starts espec. autumn cos thats wen all the kl cardigans and big wooly things find us! YAY!! Also i love layering and apaz the "grunge" thang is back in.
ahh new material, cannot wait to lock myself in my room until ive soaked in every word.
Wel i can accept there not being another Diary of a Crush but what about a Guitar Girl 2!! that wud b awesome- btw i love how u manage to fit something frm that book into all ur others, its gd to no u still think about them. what do u think? a sequel to Guitar Girl?! I miss Molly!!

veronica said...

dont worry about the whole dancing thingy... i use my hairbrush as a microphone and dance about in my underwear, thankyou very much!

Did I really just write that?!!!! oops.... :P

indiebabe said...

ive just finished reading diary of a crush for like the fith time this month-addicted me.Nah.Hel yeah,im having really bad with drawal syptons-i need more!I used to never read,nothing really floated my boat when it came to books and book vouchers at christmas well,nothing good ever came of it about from a big frown .Can u say blue peter annual.Ahhh those days are but a distant memory now ,im completely hooked on diary of a chrush and everything else !Sometimes wen life gets like a little bit shody i can just pick up one of ur books and be content for a while u know ,then i feel like i can go and kick some serious ass!Diary of a crush spoke to me like really badly :when grace was introduced into the plot i noticed so many things about me in her character and by the time id finished the third and watched the character devolop it inspired me to be more confident round others and kinda let my friends into ma life a bit more.Hey so wot can i say i have you to thank for my improved english grades i guess,reading really is the way forward and even if your not publishing another diary of a crush(which im devastated to hear by the way),then please just keep on writting ,your books are like ma fave possesions they ar more important to me then like all my organs .Diary of a crush spoke volumes to me -pun intended ,they really speak,they make sense,i understand the feelings,its all good !