Saturday, November 11, 2006

What's in a name

Guten tag my little strudels

My contact lenses are giving me grief so I apologise if this post is riddled with typos.

It's been quite a tumultuous week. I'm still reeling from the Britney and k-Fed split, not like it was any surprise. And even more importantly the Roland Mouret 10 dresses went into Gap, while at H&M was the quite wonderful Viktor & Rolf collection. Alas, the Viktor & Rolf pieces seem to have sold out before I could get my hands on them, but truly we live in wonderful times.

I've been super busy writing for British Elle, but I have just started the second draft of the second book in my new series (still not out until Summer 2007 in the UK.) This involves reading the first draft and being pleasantly surprised that it's not quite as craptacular as I thought it was. But mostly, I've been a whirlwind of organisation as I fly to New York next Wednesday for a short holiday, though I will be signing some extra copies of Let's Get Lost in a backroom at Barnes & Noble, Union Square, which will then be available to buy. And shopping. Lots of shopping. Century 21 has already been alerted!

As ever, thanks for your comments, especially your thoughts on Let's Get Lost. Blue Floppy Hat asked if the title was taken from the Elliott Smith song, and actually it came from the original, Chet Baker version. Well, actually that's a little bit of a lie. Originally, many moons ago, when I started writing the book, it was going to be simply called Lost. Fast forward and there just happened to be a rather popular TV show of the same name that started in the meantime. I had lots of ideas as to what to call the book, some of them still scrawled on a Post-it note on my wall (Good, Bad, Whatever…, Crazy Mixed-Up Girl, A House Safe For Tigers) until I realised that Let's Get Lost was perfect. It just seemed to encapsulate Isabel's state of mind and her refusal to face up to what she was really feeling.

I also get asked for information for book reports every now and again. As ever, I just don't have the time to be of much help. One day I will have a proper website with a FAQ and links to all my interviews – or at least update my publisher's micro-site but until then, a simple Google search of my name, will turn up anything that you probably need to know for school assignments. There are quite a few interviews I've done that are up on the interpipe and that's the best way to find them.

Right now, I really need to jump in the shower (just back from the gym) and eat some lunch before my stomach stages a protest and walks to the fridge all by itself.

I won't be able to update next weekend as I'll be in New York, but I'll be in touch soon.


Sarra x

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm writing... well trying to write... a book. It's a first attempt and I'm only 13... could you give a few tips please? Thanks

Oh and I loved Guitar Girl! Looking forward to reading Let's Get Lost!!

x Katie

Anonymous said...

omg sarra your an amazing writer i would love to be as amazing as you but im sure thats not possible but ill try

Anonymous said...

Oh wow,just wanted to say I love your books.
Guitar Girl and Lets' Get Lost are the only "made for teens" books I've been able to read in ages without feeling the need to throw myself rather dramatically out of an open window.
And how awsome are Sleater-Kinney? :)
That was a very good tip.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you, not being able to post because you'll be in NY. Have a great trip! Looking forward to reading the new series.

Tiffany said...

Sarra, I LOVE your books!! Guitar Girl is my absolute favorite and it got me hooked onto reading Pretty Things and Let's Get Lost! And in Let's Get Lost when Smith is putting Isabell's songs from her iPod onto his is there a real program you can download for that or was it just something for the book? If it's real can you please tell me what it is? Thanks! And I can't wait till more of your books come out! I read Let's Get Lost all in one day because I could never put it down.


Anonymous said...

hi sarra, so i just finished reading lets get lost yesterday i read it in like a week wich is very unusual for me b/c im not much of a reader but this book just caught me and kept me there. In my opinion this is the best book ever better than any old book like the scarlet letter it was magnificent i laughed literally and towards the end there was alot and i mean alot of crying because it touched me, for me it was like it was me or something it was unreal like i could fell everything isabel was feeling i was great and now i shall by many more of ur books because well ur a GREAT righter like no other.
Loved ur book I hope theres a second part to it because its just wonderful

nicole said...

i start books but never finish i get bord with them or they sound like something iv read before i love reading and i wanna be a wrighter but i have seriouse wrighters block! like all the time! anyways i had never heard of belle and sebastian (i know you like them) so i looked them up on computer i LOVE the song "step into my offic baby"