Saturday, December 02, 2006

Burning the candle at both ends...

Buenos dias, my sweet ones

I'm a little hurty today as I've been going out too much and possibly drinking too much as well. Last night, I saw my good friend Kate Kannibal (possibly not her real last name) and her wonderful band, The Priscillas, play their Christmas show. And very wonderful it was, plus there was spectacular fake snow that got everywhere.

I'm meant to be going out tonight but the thought of curling up on the sofa in my pyjamas and watching DVDs is looking more and more tempting by the second. Especially as the coming week promises bowling and/or karaoke plus going to see my favourite new band Lucky Soul. Then a cocktail party and more bowling. Everyone I know seems to have a birthday right about now. Including the baby Jesus.

When I haven't been drinking and getting the 134 bus home at some ungodly hour in the morning, I've been wading through the second draft of the second book in my new series. I've made a rash promise to deliver it before Christmas. I'm crazy like that.

I'm still thrilled with all your comments about Let's Get Lost, especially as it seems to be more than just a good read, but a book that stays with you after you've read it and makes you cry. Tears are good. Tears are what I wanted. And the other thing I love is when art and life collide and something in one of my books slots right into what's happening with you. Fr'instance, onewtown08 is moving to Bossier City which is namechecked in Sealed With A Kiss and Dannie has been to Bailey's Fish 'n' Chip shop in Southend, which gets a mention in Pretty Things. Actually, Dannie since you told me that I've had a terrible hankering fro haddock and chips from Toff's, my local award-winning chippie, but I'm trying to be strong and eat lots of vegetables instead.

But there are two points of business I need to clear up. I've mentioned them before but no one took any notice! If you are writing a book report or essay on me, then all the info you need is already online. All you need to do is google my name (in speechmarks) and you'll find everything you want, except my age and marital status because heck, a girl has to retain some mystery. I'm kinda bemused when told that people haven't been to find anything on the interpipe, or maybe they just didn't look! And the other thing is that if you send me a message on MySpace, then I can't reply to you if you'r settings won't accept messages from people you haven't Friended. And I can't Friend you if your settings only accept 'adds' from people who know your last name or your email addy. I'm not ignoring you!

And finally, no one seems to want an end of year mix CD from me. The offer still stands. Two lucky people will get my annual Songs That Have Changed My Life This Year CD that I send out with my Crimbo cards. All you have to do is send me a Christmas message from one of the characters in any one of my books. Make them, funny, thoughtful, creative, whatever and remember to leave your email addy.

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Roxy said...

I got "lets get lost" recently. I haven't read it yet, but i'm dieing too.


I love all of your books.

&& I was one of the people who used to comment you during the summer, and i just got back on here, so i thought i'd check out your blog.

Vindicated said...

I love how you use previous characters and use them in Let's Get Lost. It's cool to see how people are all on the same web so to speak. Anyway, this book made me cry. A lot. It's one of those books that makes you feel changed.


a girl on the gossamer.

KAT said...

"Lets get lost" is one of my favorite books. All your books are on the top of my favorite books list. They draw me in like no other author has ever done. I espically love how different your characters can be from me but I can still relate to them. You are my favorite author by far.


Anonymous said...

Let's Get Lost was a relief from the other books I've been reading lately. I love it, just like Guitar Girl. I gave LGL to my good friend to read, and she read it all in one three-hour sitting. While at my house. I was bored into a partial coma, but she seemed pleasant. Anyway, I came across your blog by accident, and I figured I'd give you the praise you deserved.

Good luck in everything you do.

Piggy Trotter said...

Can the contest thingy stay open for another two days? Only I've got exams till then, so I'd appreciate it if you could let it stay...

Beth said...

Oooh, sounds like a good competition.

Too bad I suck at Christmas card messages so I stick to pretty simple things, but I'm thinking, what the heck, I might as well make a complete idiot out of myself. No one else seems to be in the Christmas spirit of writing a message to a fictional character.

Anyhoo. I'm going to write to...[this is the part where I consider it for an age]...Edie!

Okay, so here goes the lameness of my creativity:

Dear Edie.
So, another year and I'm guessing another one of your infamous Christmas Parties (which can only mean that the world is ending, right?).
All I can say is stock up on ice this year, keep people's heads inside the windows and don't try to be a matchmaker and a hostess at the same time. I've heard of multitasking but that's just silly!
And also, remember not to get stuck with the hoovering. I can take a guess that you aren't too fond of it.
Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and all that jazz.

Okay, yeah, I can say that was very lame, but at least I gave it a go.

And have a good Christmas yourself, Sarra.

PS: My Email address is

Wow, my lameness is really getting highlighted today, hehe.

Aleesun said...

Oh, dear Brie, you had your issues.
You were too skinny and recieved many "screw you"s,
But you were my favorite as I watched you gain courage; now I'll gain mine.
Oh, dear Brie, will you be my Christmas Valentine?


Thank you for your time. :)

Katy said...

Okies, here my letter for zee competition, it probably sucks, but what the heck!

Christmas is here, so let's get down on our knees and praise the wonder that is Father Christmas and his many other alias. I know your probably thinking, Christmas is just a lame exscuse to exchange crappy presents wrapped in crappy paper just so the logging communtiy can skyrocket, but get over it. Christmas is a time to get down with your bad self and boogie like you've never busted any moves before at any party thats going. Have fum. 'Cause c'mon thats what christmas is all about, that and the birth baby Jesus, and of course the presents, who could forget the presents.
Even if you forget who you are, just remember, you're Daisy, thats all anyone expects you to be.

And in the words of Father Crimbo himself 'A Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night'

From Katy


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Stephanie said...

i just read "lets get lost" first that ive ever finished in 2 days! i loved every moment of it. i never understood people who cryed when they read books. but for some reason i found myself in Is's shoes the entire book! i loved it and its the story of my life! its my favorite book and alway will be! id love if you could make like a part 2! i want to know what happens on the trip over summer, and what happens with Is and Smith (haha Atticus). i really hope you take that into consideration, id wait outside b&n for days waiting for it to come out! best of luck to you in the future, and think of my offer. haha.


Stephanie said...

o yeah, and may i say.
"Anthems for a Seventeen-year-old girl" by Broken Social Scene is the best song ever!!!! hahaha.

Gidget said...

Dearest Sarra,

Jingle bells
Walker smells
Charlie is still GAY
Daisy is a superbitch
And - oh, nevermind.

I'm just writing to wish you an amazing Christmas. 'Cause it's totally gonna be one. Next week, Charlie and Daisy and Walker and I are all going to go see The Shrew performed "professionally," together. Like as though we're the best of friends. Which, hello! Not likely.

Anyway, so what if they're professionals? I already know nothing can compare to our performance, even if the last night was . . . well, unprofessional.

On Christmas day, Charlie's coming over to do presents with me. I love getting presents, but the best part of Christmas is . . . well, the bits before it, I guess. Like, Christmas lasts all month, not just for one day. It has to do with the preperation and stuff, I think. Like, shopping for presents and listening to Christmas-y music and decorating the tree. Well, if you can get an ornament in before Henry, the wee bastard.

Everyone puts up pretty little lights and all the shops play "The Christmas Song." And it's that way the whole month! Yup. Like as though the whole world was celebrating the whole month.

Plus, everything goes all orangey and soft-focus and you feel all gooey inside like when you see that dress in the store window that's just made for you and you have exactly enough money left for it. It's the one time of year I've always felt like there were people all around me who really cared and even Henry can't ruin it when he doesn't get the present he wants or I put up the ornament that he wanted to.

So, here's wishing you happy holidays and many gooey feelings,

Oh and P.S., I'd really like that new Juicy Couture prefume or some more Anna Sui Sweet Dreams or possibly just that cute little top at Topshop I was going on about.


I hope I did that right. I think your entry said the message was supposed to be from one of your characters, but everyone else made them out to your characters, so I don't know.

Gidget said...

Oh, oops, my e-mail address is

Sorry about that. ;)

Ribbons&Curls said...

Well don't party too much. =)

Hope you have a good Christmas and that your sequel is going extreamly well.
Just thought I'd let you know, I am also in the midst of writing a novel, and now I can really identify with you during the times of deadlines etc.....ugh
Merry Christmas,

Andrea said...

Dear Sarra,
How are you, hun? Loving life and living love, I can only hope. My illustrious days as a bitch goddess are only past memories now, but I have not forgotten the beautiful girl who gave me the strength to continue when everyone around me was depressed. Baby, every morning as I stumbled through the doorway of the cafe, begging for any excuse to not make the 2 hour trek to the recording studio, you would hand me my coffee with a shy smile that scared all of my scary thunder cloud thoughts away. Oh how I loved your smile. And yet, for those 7 months before I entered the not-so-glamorous music industry, I never breathed a word of gratitude to you. But now, darling, I want you to know, that it was not the coffee that kept me going. It was the delightful smile of the quiet barista who poured my drink every morning that illuminated my day. Thank you so much sweetie.
Love always,
Ruby X

jia said...

i've read "lets get lost" in just 2days time!! so imagine...this is really a book i can't just put down once i start reading it. And u will be surprise if u know which country i'm from.. u've got a fan frm Malaysia!

MrsSethCohenKT said...

Hey Molly,
its that time of year again more unnecessary wooly monstrousities from the rental units! yay...
Saw ur gig the other night- u guys were awesome i officially heart Duckie!
Neways how u feeling these days? its probs weird even still retreating back to reality after to being in the bubble of fame for so long. I hope u look back on that time and still smile at all the amazing experiences u had...the kinda stuff u can tell ur grandchildren.
Oooo what a funny little thing time is i cannot believe it is already December 2006- ahh i feel like i shud have done soo much more before this u cant say that!
ahhh wel 2007 rearing its freshly polished head does mean atleast one positive thing- The OC will b back on our screens this january!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i missed my weekly dosage of the cohen.
Merry Christmas Molly and have a Kick arse New Year- enjoy urself

ps there has to b a sequel!!!!! (i am ashamed to say this address is not ironic)