Wednesday, January 23, 2008

10 reasons why you need to see Juno the moment it comes out...

I'm in love. L.U.V. I saw a preview screening of a new American film called Juno on Monday, which I think anyone who likes my books will adore.

It's the story of 16-year-old Juno McDuff, who gets up the duff to her orange TicTac addicted boyfriend and follows the story of what happnes next. This is why I loved it:

1. Juno is a snarky, moody, too cool for skool, but dorky girl with a hamburger phone.

2. The film doesn't send out a message that sex is bad, OMG!, and let that be a lesson to you. You get to make up your own mind.

3. Juno has a little sister called Liberty Belle who has the funniest Munchkin face I've ever seen.

4. Juno's boyfriend, Bleeker, is just as inarticulate and wussy as most 16 year old boys are.

5. It has the best sound track, including my third favourite Belle & Sebastian song (Expectations) and the good bits of The Moldy Peaches - their quieter, more whimsical stuff not the songs where they're just being silly.

6. You'll see it again and again and you'll memorise your favourite lines. At the moment I'm quoting, "I need to know that it's possible that two people can stay happy together forever."

7. It's got me really excited about the book I'm writing and about being brave and writing in a way that's different from other writers. My books have been rejected by TV and film peeps for "not being filmic enough" so I'm heartened that there are still people around who realise we don't necessarily want to see perfect, beautiful people messing up in a perfect, beautiful way on our screens.

8. Juno was so good that even the woman sitting three rows across who must have been a semi-finalist in the National Bag Rustling And Eating Really Noisy Snacks Awards didn't annoy me that much.

9. It has Jennifer Garner in it. And I have a huge girl crush on Jennifer Garner in this completely irrational, I'll-see-anything-that-she's-in-even-if-it's-really-crap way.

10. At the end I even squeezed out a few tears and I can't remember the last time a film made me cry.

So, Juno comes out on February 8th, so cancel all your other plans and go and see it. Then let me know why YOU loved it too!

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