Thursday, February 14, 2008

All the news that's fit to print...

Happy Valentine's Day, readers

You know, I'm so glad I work from home and I don't have to see those really smug girls on the tube clutching bouquets of red roses. Yes, because I am bitter, thank you for asking.

It's been a tough couple of weeks, overshadowed by grief and loss, but I'm climbing out of the hole and have many things to tell you.

The first is that the third book in the Fashionistas series, Irina, goes on sale on March 20th if you live in Britain or can order it from or

It's quickly followed by the release of the fourth and final book, Candy, on April 17th. Here is a first look at the cover:

And here is the back cover blurb:

Candy Careless is the daughter of punk royalty and the acid-tongued star of the reality show that's boosted her eccentric family's flagging fortunes. When Candy gets her heart broken she heads for London to escape the pressure of cameras in her face 24/7 and break into the world of fashion. Her bark and her bite alienate everyone, from herthree flat-mates to the intriguing Alfie, but whatever. Not her problem. But when dark secrets threaten to destroy everything Candy's worked for, she begins to realise that she's not really the sassy girl she plays on TV.

As ever, I'll post sneak excerpts from the books, nearer to publication. And they usually turn up in bookshops a couple of weeks ahead of the official release date so keep your eyes peeled. There's still no sign of an American release, but that brings me very swiftly to my final piece of news. I've written a short story, Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others, for a US anthology entitled Does This Book Make Me Look Fat? I'm in the company of some really great authors like Sara Zarr, Carolyn Mackler and Megan McCafferty all writing about weight and esteem and body issues. The book comes out in the States this summer but non-Americans should prolly be able to order ir through their country's Amazon site on import.

So that's some booky stuff to look forward to. By the way, what do you all reckon to this Adele vs Duffy stuff? I admit I'm kinda underwhelmed by both of them. Great voices and I love to see younger girls coming up through the ranks and getting attention, but they just don't move me. I really loved Laura Marling's single, New Romantic, but the album is a bit disappointing, though I really like the track, Failure. Someone on MySpace (I'm sorry I can't remember your name and you didn't Friend me so I couldn't message you a thank you!) tipped me off to a great Swedish singer called Nina Kinert and I'm hoping for new Hello Saferide and Saint Etienne albums this year. What are you listening to that this Belle And Sebastian fan might like?

Remember, that even if there weren't any cards waiting for you on the doormat today, I love you!

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