Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Are we there yet?

Just emerging from packing hell (where is my huge fold-out wash bag that I bought specifically for this kind of occasion?) to remind you that I'll be at Books Of Wonder on West 18th Street, NYC between 12 am and 2pm this Saturday (September 17th) to a brief talk, a question and answer session and signing. Please, come along if you're in town. Bring your friends! Go to www.booksofwonder.net for more details.

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Rhi said...

Hey Sarra.
I'm a hugely massive fan, I've read guitar girl so many times that i've lost count... and i have to say it inspired me in more ways than one (... i actually have shocking pink hair now after reading it... and i love it more than my dad hates it, so that's all fabulous). It made me laugh and cry, and i just love it. Also, kudos for writing something that my 13 year old sister loves, because we were beginning to think she'd never read anything. In fact i may even buy her her own copy so she'll lay off mine...
I also just finnished reading Pretty Things (although my alevels may suffer as i've done no homework...) ... and i actually cried with laughter... it's fabulous, i fell totally head of heels for Charlie, and the rest of the characters too... I loved the whole "emo/indie hybrid" thing charlie had going down, like so many of my own friends.. fantastic! Also the music you've used throughout both those books - amazing! You have the best taste!
I also didn't realise till i was researching a way to contact you and shower you with as much praise that i could, that you have my dream career in its entirety, working for fashion magazines as well as writing your own books in your spare time. That's exactly what I've wanted to do for so long, infact i'm writing a few stories right now (i really need to learn to channel my attention span because i keep starting one then having another idea and going off on that one..)

It would be great if you could get in touch with me... because contacts are always good to have if you want to be a writer... and work experience with you? is that negotiable? Would be phenominal if it was possible.

Well best be back to writting a language aquistition essay and talking about Chomsky and Skinner.. facinating stuff..

Thanks for being such an inspiration (and helping me drive my dad crazy)