Saturday, September 24, 2005

Oh, the things I have seen...

Back from my travels to NYC now. And though I'm barely lucid, I wanted to do a quick post. Firstly to thank Eve, the one reader who actually turned up to the signing that never was (loved your legwarmers) and secondly to give you a heads up that I'm doing a workshop on magazine (and maybe tawdry teen fiction) writing at the Cheltenham Literary Festival on October 8th. I can't work out for the life of me how to make active links on this blog but if you go to:, you should be able to find out the relevant details. I think there's only a few places left so hurry!

And I was going to tell you all about going to the freak show at Coney Island and how Bethany Hamilton is one of the rudest madams I've ever come across but my jet lag, it kills me.

(Message to Rhi: You should be able to find my email addy in the back of my books.)

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